Dec 12 2012 5:28 PM

Update 1.0.4 - Updates and Improvements

Hey everyone!

It's been well over a month since I've provided an update on, so I figured I'd take a moment to go over what's changed. I'm still working away on some new features, which I hope to have ready either late this year or sometime in early January.

Since it always gets asked, "What's D3Up?", here's a fast answer:

D3Up is a gear simulator, DPS/EHP calculator and set of tools to help you optimize your Diablo 3 Characters.

I'd recommend watching this video where I go over the basics

Few quick notes (kinda TL;DR):

  • /r/d3up exists now, feel free to join in, and help improve the site.
  • Group Buffs - You can now activate all group buffs to see what other classes buffs do for you.
  • Skill Catalog - Shows a bunch of skills that you could use, with some stats on them.
  • Build Groups exist now, you can create groups to create groups, then add builds into them or make it an "Open Group" and others can join. All it does it puts all the builds on a page together for easy sharing.

Onto the patch notes!


  • Added a link to /r/d3up, which is D3Up's new Subreddit. Feel free to use it to talk, report bugs, request features, whatever!
  • Removed the ItemDB portion of the site, it wasn't that useful and helps performance to not have Google crawling 5k+ pages of items every day.
  • Added a favicon!

All Builds / Characters

  • The Importer now detects "Hidden" affixes on items and will properly add them to items. This happened a lot on Jewelry that has a "+X-Y Damage" when it rolls an additional "+Min" or "+Max" damage. The +Min/+Max extra affix doesn't show on the tooltip, but now shows on D3Up.
  • Experimenting with a new "Build Group" feature, which lets you create a group and then add builds to it. It's useful for grouping a bunch of builds together, maybe to show your Twitch Team or the /r/diablo Players.
  • Added a new tab, called Group Buffs. This tab lets you activate buffs that other players could give your character if they were in your game.
  • Skill Catalog - All builds now have an experimental "Skill Catalog", which gives a brief overview of all of your DPS skills (without Cooldown).
  • When changing skills/passives all of your enabled skills/passives will be disabled until you activate them again. This is to prevent a bug where you could activate a skill then change that skill and the benefits of that skill would remain.
  • Corrected Duel-Wield math that has probably be incorrect for a long time.
  • Reduced the time of crawls for registered users to 2 minutes.
  • Revamped the Sync from, which now saves all of your character stats to the DB when you sync. These stats can now be accessed via JSON if you add /json onto the end of your build URL.

Statistics (Sidebar)

  • Added IAS to the Damage Stats (along with bonuses from DW).
  • Added DPS vs Demons to Statistics.
  • Arcane/Holy EHP no longer displays Poison EHP.
  • Fix to attack speed display.
  • Added "Damage Range" section showing the true damage of your weapons.
  • Fixed Ranged EHP calculations to use the right math :P
  • Added HP:EHP Ratio to the sidebar.

Item Simulation / Compare

  • Added a percentage change to the "Diff" window.
  • Fix for disappearing compare window.
  • Added larger EHP/DPS numbers to the compares.
  • You can now change the set the item belongs to in the simulate.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from editing set items.

Skills Tab

  • Normalized Weapon Damage for skills with Cooldowns. This corrected a lot of skill DPS for skills that factor in your attack speed (when normally they wouldn't).
  • Massive improvements to many skills in the "Skills" tab on all builds.
  • Skills now show damage types and proc coefficients.
  • Any bonuses from Items that affect a specific skills DPS are now factored into the Skills Damage display.
  • Added estimated "Resources per Second" (RPS) for each skill estimating the amount of resources that the skill will return.
  • Added average "Life Steal" per hit.
  • Added estimated "Life on Hit" value using the proc coefficient.
  • Added experimental "Life per Second" (LPS) for each skill estimating the amount of life returned from all life regen stats against a single target (LoH, LS & Life Regen).


  • Whirlwind/RltW - Added tDPS (Tornado DPS) based on this thread.
  • Whirlwind/RltW - Added Tick Rate to statistics sidebar for how often your Tornado's "Tick"
  • Weapons Master fury generation is now included in the RPS on skills.
  • Unforgiving and No Escape are now included in the RPS on skills.
  • Battle Rage - Into the Fray is now included in the RPS on skills.

Demon Hunter

  • Brooding now works.
  • Strafe modified to show 4 ticks instead of 1 big tick.
  • +% Crit to Strafe: Now will scan from armory imports and adds bonus crit in the skills panel.
  • Cluster Grenades / Strafe - Fixed the math behind the damage


  • Added all the hidden "haste" on Spirit Generators to help DPS calculations.
  • Fists of Thunder - Thunder Clap - Fixed damage calculations.
  • Monk skills gain bonus IAS for spirit generators (hidden values).
  • Fists of Thunder - Lightning Flash - Can now be activated.
  • Sweeping Winds - Added damage calculations (Calculates based on 3 stacks)
  • Way of the Hundred Fists - Windforce Fury - Fixed the Weapon Damage calculations.
  • Mantra of Evasion - Added a "stack" select box to the skill that lets you change whether it's the effect for the first 3 seconds or the normal duration. 1 stack = Normal Effect, 2 stack = 3 second effect.
  • Sixth Sense / Guardians Path - Fixed Dodge calculations from these skills to accurately show dodge percentages.

Witch Doctor

  • Jungle Fortitude - Now will affect your damage reduction.
  • Zombie Dogs - Life Link - Now can be activated for 10% damage reduction.


  • Fixed Meteor proc coefficients.
  • Magic Weapon - Blood Magic - Fixed the tooltip and it now also applies the bonus LifeSteal.
  • Tal Rasha's Set Bonus fixed so it's are +% Damage to Skills and not +% Elemental Damage.

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Nov 2 2012 2:08 PM

Update 1.0.3 - Server, Survey and Fixes

1.0.3 - Quick update!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on a few things.

Server Issues

Last weekend the server had some real problems serving out all of the pages everyone was requesting. I was on vacation, so I was a bit late to get things working, but I believe the server should be ok for now. Traffic's been increasing rather rapidly (thanks to you all!), but the biggest problem was Google's Search Bot.

Google was attempting to index all 1 million items, so the bot was sitting there and just loading item after item after item. Everytime it loaded an item, it was performing a query to look up similar items as well, which was a rather complex query. With google and other search engines hitting the item pages non-stop, it was causing about 50,000 extra complex page loads every day. I've told all of the search engines to back off of the item pages, so the load on the server has dropped a decent amount and things seem to be speedier.

This isn't a final solution, the final solution is a better server, but for now it should help people get to their builds and use the calculator!

Survey so Far...

First off, the survey's been going great. Thanks to all of you who have participated! There have been over 1000 responses to the survey and the numbers are very interesting! Looks like I'll be doing some theorycrafting here soon to figure out a life hit/steal mechanic.

  • 30.2% - A new set of calculations that factor in EHP + Life Regen/Steal mechanics, to show how quickly I can regenerate the damage I take.
  • 27.7% - Class specific "true dps" calculations, such as WW Ticks based on Attack Speed.
  • 22.7% - The ability to compare one of my items to many different items at the same time in a table format (would be useful while using the AH and comparing 5 different items).
  • 21.7% - A more detailed view of the damage my skills do, that will also factor in "+% Damage to Fire Skills" or "+% Bash Damage", and apply those numbers to Fire Spells and Bash respectively.
  • 21.0% - A page that lists every skill that my characters can possibly use, along with damage calculations to help me figure out how to maximize my DPS.
  • 19.4% - Adding tracking for characters, like a character history, that would show how my characters change over time.
  • 18.5% - The ability to compare my character build to another character build, and see the stat differences between the two builds.
  • 13.3% - For Witch Doctors, a tool that shows how much EHP/DPS my pets have based on my gear.
  • 13.2% - The ability to save which of my skills are considered "Activated" so I don't have to activate them all of the time.
  • 12.3% - Improvements to the "Item" system, allowing you to better organize all of your items on D3Up (grouping, sorting, labeling, etc).
  • 12.1% - A calculation that will show how much "Bleed Effects" on weapons affect your DPS.
  • 10.4% - Adding "stats" information about my character, ie - # of Elites Killed, Time Played, etc
  • 7.5% - Tooltips on builds, when you hover over them, being able to see their primary stats, DPS, EHP and more.
  • 5.5% - The ability to activate my skills from inside of the D3Bit Client.
  • 2.8% - A better guide engine, including the ability to put my character build inside of a guide.

Recent Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if you activated 2 skills with dodge, your dodge was WAY higher than it should have been.
  • Fixed the "DPS Math" tab on Dual-Wielding builds so the math correctly reflects the changes in 1.0.5.
  • Added "Total Damage Reduction" to the Statistics on the sidebar.
  • Passives that granted '+% Life' should now properly give you extra life.
  • Fixed 'EHP w/ Block' so it's the correct value and added a new 'EHP w/ Block + Dodge' that includes both!
  • All builds are now flagged as either Softcore (SC) or Hardcore (HC).
  • Massive amounts of work went into making the monk skill 'Faith in the Light' accurately calculate your DPS.
  • IE8 Fixes so they can view the builds again.
  • Ice Armor can now be activated for the +% Melee Reduction.
  • Your build will no longer crash if you don't have a MH weapon equipped.
  • Changed how the DPS calculations are done for Attack Speed (Duel Wielding), the DPS should match closer to your character sheet!
  • Fixed a bug in EHP w/ Dodge causing the value to be wrong.
  • You can now simulate on item slots that don't have items in them.

I'll be doing a bunch more bug fixes this weekend, just little things here and there.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback and spreading the word about the site!

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Oct 16 2012 2:41 PM

Update 1.0.2 - Diablo 1.0.5 Update

Happy Patch Day!

I've gone through and updated all of the skills to the newest versions that can now be found in the game. It's still a manual process, so there's bound to be bugs. It's also possible that things have changed that aren't in the patch notes! Feel free to email me or post a comment if you find a skill that hasn't been updated yet.

I've also completely revamped how the game data is stored in the D3Up calculator, which is the first step I needed to take in order to implement a better skill damage calculator. The next update is going to include the damage types and a lot of improvements in how individual skills are calculated. I've had a lot of requests to get '+% damage to Fire Skills' and '+X% Crit to SkillX' working with the calculations. The original way I had the data stored, this wasn't possible, but now I'll be able to start implementation.

The other change in this update is to how +% Elemental Damage is calculated. Pre-1.0.5, +% Ele Damage was calculated by doubling the Minimum Damage on your weapons, now it applies a percentage to your minimum and maximum weapon damage. Blizzard has changed this internally, so if you have +% [Holy/Fire/Arcane/Lightning/Poison/Cold] Damage on any of your gear, you should notice a DPS boost on your character sheet. I've changed the math in the calculator to reflect this change, so hopefully the DPS calculations are still accurate.

So what's next? To be honest, I plan on playing 1.0.5 for a couple weeks and just stick with fixing bugs as they come in. I've got about 50 open bugs that I need to fix, and I'm sure another 50 will come in with the 1.0.5 update. It's a lot of work tracking down these bugs and squishing them, I'm also still a bit burned out from the 1.0 Launch! So expect things to be a little slower for a while, so I can get my affairs in order and get ready for the next big feature launch.

In the mean time, enjoy the site, and I'll probably be doing a giveaway here in the very near future, so expect updates on that soon!

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Oct 10 2012 7:27 PM

Update 1.0.1 - Bug fixes & status update

Just wanted to write a quick update to let you know what's happening right now.

First things first however, I want to thank all of you that have been spreading the site via word of mouth. That kind of thing is incredibly important to the development of a small site like, more users, more feedback, better product. Just wanted to give you all some sort of shout out in appreciation.

Now, what's happened since the new version went live? About 3 billion bug fixes, which have finally started to slow down as to where I'm not constantly working on them. No new features have been added, just some cleanup and streamlining of a few things.

Currently, I'm getting ready to start working on the calculator for 1.0.5, in preparation for the patches release (hopefully soon).

What's next?

Well, a lot of people have been asking for the ability to compare entire builds to eachother. I think that's a pretty awesome idea and have been thinking about how to do it best. I've got a few solid ideas I'm going to start playing with, but the actual working version probably won't be ready for about a month. There may be a "Beta" version of it out sooner than later, though it may look pretty crappy to start.

I'm planning on getting in like a weeks worth of play when 1.0.5 comes out, so hopefully the calculator upgrades go smooth so I can have more playtime ;)

Expect an update the tuesday that 1.0.5 hits.

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Sep 26 2012 3:23 PM

Update 1.0 - Reborn

It's been a long time coming, but I'm incredibly proud today to announce the release of v1.0!

It's been a long road and you've all been incredible. I've received hundreds of emails containing bugs, feedback and suggestions; all of which are either in this update or will be coming shortly. I'd also like to say that come friday, there will be yet another MAJOR update to that I think will blow your mind.

So to start everything off, I just want to say...


Thank you for being so passionate about the game, my tools on and your characters. I may be the only programmer working on this project, but I'm not the only one thinking about how should work :)

The goals of V1.0

The entire goal of this update was two-fold:

  • Make a lot easier to use and gather information from.
  • Rebuild all of the Tools so they can be used in many, many new ways.

I think I've accomplished both of these goals (hopefully), and will become even more valuable over the course of your Diablo 3 character's lifetime.

Interested in a Video showing how to do everything on the new site?

I took some time and did a video showing off the new, how to use it, creating your build and how to read all the statistics. It's 16 minutes long, but pretty much covers everything and if people find it useful, I can make more.

I figure it's also a great tool for showing people how exactly to use a build calculator to explore their character in-depth! I see a TON of "What should I upgrade next..." posts, hopefully after understanding how to use a site like, they won't have to ask, they can just figure it out themselves! - Introduction Video (16m)

So, without further ado, here's a list of all of the changes:

Version 1.0 Changes

General Updates

  • has been completely redesigned from the ground up.
  • The navigation has been updated to a new, easier to use "Mega-Menu".
  • For non-registered users, you'll see a 'Getting Started' part of the navigation with instructions on creating your build.
  • For logged-in users, you'll see a 'My' part of the navigation with quick links to all of YOUR information.
  • I've attempted to simplify the entire site and categories each section to fall under one of the links in the Mega Menu: Builds, Guides and Items.
  • The "Items DB" will be slowly phasing out, you'll learn more about this very soon.
  • A link to our Facebook page has been added to the Menu, feel free to like it and use it to chat with me.
  • The homepage has been streamlined slightly and will be a bit more flexible in the future. I realize most people use the site for their own personal builds and not as a site to browse, so I haven't focused incredibly hard on it (yet).

Build Browsing

  • An 'Advanced Search' button has been added to the builds page that lets you search for builds that use a specific combination of Skills and Passives.

Your Build/Character Updates

  • The Build Interface has been completely redesigned into a 3-column layout. They are as follows: Left - Controls, Middle - Items/Skills, Right - Statistics.
  • The Gear panel now has 3 different modes: DPS/EHP Contributions, Gear Stats/Perfection and Change/Compare/Simulate Gear.
  • DPS/EHP Contributions: Lists the contributions to DPS and EHP that each individual piece of gear provides your Build.
  • Gear Stats/Perfection: Shows every individual stat on each item, along with how 'Perfect' the stat is, and allows you to filter down to the statistics you want to review on your gear.
  • Change/Compare/Simulate Gear: Lets you compare/simulate changes on multiple items at the same time, creating a "Comparision Diff" showing exactly what will happen to your character if you were to change gear.
  • You can now Simulate an item change AND do item comparisons at the same time, mixing and matching how you see fit.
  • You can now activate/deactivate skills, passives and misc buffs DURING item simulation and comparisons.
  • You can click on the icons in your build header to activate/deactivate skills.
  • The Skills panel now also shows 'meta' information, such as cooldown, cost as well as it's individual skill-based DPS calculations.
  • Companion Abilities and Shrines have been added as buffs you can now 'Activate'.
  • A new panel called ' Sync' has been added to all builds allowing for quick and painless updates to your character.
  • The edit page has been moved and is now part of the Build itself.
  • A link to "My Items" has been added onto your build, for quick access.

My Items

  • The interface has been redesigned to make it a bit easier to look around. You can filter by stats and they will appear on the page as you specify them.
  • You can now delete ALL items with the 'Delete All Items' button at the top. There's a confirmation page that makes you confirm this decision.
  • You can now select multiple items with the checkbox next to their name to delete multiple items at once.
  • Deleting items will NOT remove them from your builds, just your 'My Items' page. You also will NOT be able to re-equip these items if you delete them. Deleting removes you as the owner of the item and prevents it from showing up in any section that shows your items.
  • When you hover over an item row, the 'Delete', 'Edit' and 'Sell' buttons will appear in that row. Makes it a bit easier on the eyes.
  • Clicking the 'Sell' button on an item will currently load it up into the 'My Shop' feature for price tracking.
  • Items are sorted by newest first, there's currently no way to change the sorting.

My Shop

  • Major changes are coming to this section at some point after 1.0.5, more details in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

I'm devoted to making the ultimate tool for your Diablo 3 Characters, and your feedback has helped mold the site into something really great. So, with that being said, there probably are going to be a few new bugs that pop-up over the next couple days that I just didn't catch, PLEASE report them to me, I'll fix them ASAP. Respond here, email me or reach out to me somehow.

I've got a few changes that didn't make this version that I'll be working on soon. I plan on taking a break from the site and doing feature development only for a couple weeks after 1.0.5 is released, and I'm working on a still un-announced new website in conjunction with another developer in the D3 Community. More details of all of this will surface in the near future as we move forward!

Thanks again!

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