Dec 12 2012 5:28 PM

Update 1.0.4 - Updates and Improvements

Hey everyone!

It's been well over a month since I've provided an update on, so I figured I'd take a moment to go over what's changed. I'm still working away on some new features, which I hope to have ready either late this year or sometime in early January.

Since it always gets asked, "What's D3Up?", here's a fast answer:

D3Up is a gear simulator, DPS/EHP calculator and set of tools to help you optimize your Diablo 3 Characters.

I'd recommend watching this video where I go over the basics

Few quick notes (kinda TL;DR):

  • /r/d3up exists now, feel free to join in, and help improve the site.
  • Group Buffs - You can now activate all group buffs to see what other classes buffs do for you.
  • Skill Catalog - Shows a bunch of skills that you could use, with some stats on them.
  • Build Groups exist now, you can create groups to create groups, then add builds into them or make it an "Open Group" and others can join. All it does it puts all the builds on a page together for easy sharing.

Onto the patch notes!


  • Added a link to /r/d3up, which is D3Up's new Subreddit. Feel free to use it to talk, report bugs, request features, whatever!
  • Removed the ItemDB portion of the site, it wasn't that useful and helps performance to not have Google crawling 5k+ pages of items every day.
  • Added a favicon!

All Builds / Characters

  • The Importer now detects "Hidden" affixes on items and will properly add them to items. This happened a lot on Jewelry that has a "+X-Y Damage" when it rolls an additional "+Min" or "+Max" damage. The +Min/+Max extra affix doesn't show on the tooltip, but now shows on D3Up.
  • Experimenting with a new "Build Group" feature, which lets you create a group and then add builds to it. It's useful for grouping a bunch of builds together, maybe to show your Twitch Team or the /r/diablo Players.
  • Added a new tab, called Group Buffs. This tab lets you activate buffs that other players could give your character if they were in your game.
  • Skill Catalog - All builds now have an experimental "Skill Catalog", which gives a brief overview of all of your DPS skills (without Cooldown).
  • When changing skills/passives all of your enabled skills/passives will be disabled until you activate them again. This is to prevent a bug where you could activate a skill then change that skill and the benefits of that skill would remain.
  • Corrected Duel-Wield math that has probably be incorrect for a long time.
  • Reduced the time of crawls for registered users to 2 minutes.
  • Revamped the Sync from, which now saves all of your character stats to the DB when you sync. These stats can now be accessed via JSON if you add /json onto the end of your build URL.

Statistics (Sidebar)

  • Added IAS to the Damage Stats (along with bonuses from DW).
  • Added DPS vs Demons to Statistics.
  • Arcane/Holy EHP no longer displays Poison EHP.
  • Fix to attack speed display.
  • Added "Damage Range" section showing the true damage of your weapons.
  • Fixed Ranged EHP calculations to use the right math :P
  • Added HP:EHP Ratio to the sidebar.

Item Simulation / Compare

  • Added a percentage change to the "Diff" window.
  • Fix for disappearing compare window.
  • Added larger EHP/DPS numbers to the compares.
  • You can now change the set the item belongs to in the simulate.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from editing set items.

Skills Tab

  • Normalized Weapon Damage for skills with Cooldowns. This corrected a lot of skill DPS for skills that factor in your attack speed (when normally they wouldn't).
  • Massive improvements to many skills in the "Skills" tab on all builds.
  • Skills now show damage types and proc coefficients.
  • Any bonuses from Items that affect a specific skills DPS are now factored into the Skills Damage display.
  • Added estimated "Resources per Second" (RPS) for each skill estimating the amount of resources that the skill will return.
  • Added average "Life Steal" per hit.
  • Added estimated "Life on Hit" value using the proc coefficient.
  • Added experimental "Life per Second" (LPS) for each skill estimating the amount of life returned from all life regen stats against a single target (LoH, LS & Life Regen).


  • Whirlwind/RltW - Added tDPS (Tornado DPS) based on this thread.
  • Whirlwind/RltW - Added Tick Rate to statistics sidebar for how often your Tornado's "Tick"
  • Weapons Master fury generation is now included in the RPS on skills.
  • Unforgiving and No Escape are now included in the RPS on skills.
  • Battle Rage - Into the Fray is now included in the RPS on skills.

Demon Hunter

  • Brooding now works.
  • Strafe modified to show 4 ticks instead of 1 big tick.
  • +% Crit to Strafe: Now will scan from armory imports and adds bonus crit in the skills panel.
  • Cluster Grenades / Strafe - Fixed the math behind the damage


  • Added all the hidden "haste" on Spirit Generators to help DPS calculations.
  • Fists of Thunder - Thunder Clap - Fixed damage calculations.
  • Monk skills gain bonus IAS for spirit generators (hidden values).
  • Fists of Thunder - Lightning Flash - Can now be activated.
  • Sweeping Winds - Added damage calculations (Calculates based on 3 stacks)
  • Way of the Hundred Fists - Windforce Fury - Fixed the Weapon Damage calculations.
  • Mantra of Evasion - Added a "stack" select box to the skill that lets you change whether it's the effect for the first 3 seconds or the normal duration. 1 stack = Normal Effect, 2 stack = 3 second effect.
  • Sixth Sense / Guardians Path - Fixed Dodge calculations from these skills to accurately show dodge percentages.

Witch Doctor

  • Jungle Fortitude - Now will affect your damage reduction.
  • Zombie Dogs - Life Link - Now can be activated for 10% damage reduction.


  • Fixed Meteor proc coefficients.
  • Magic Weapon - Blood Magic - Fixed the tooltip and it now also applies the bonus LifeSteal.
  • Tal Rasha's Set Bonus fixed so it's are +% Damage to Skills and not +% Elemental Damage.
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