Nov 2 2012 2:08 PM

Update 1.0.3 - Server, Survey and Fixes

1.0.3 - Quick update!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on a few things.

Server Issues

Last weekend the server had some real problems serving out all of the pages everyone was requesting. I was on vacation, so I was a bit late to get things working, but I believe the server should be ok for now. Traffic's been increasing rather rapidly (thanks to you all!), but the biggest problem was Google's Search Bot.

Google was attempting to index all 1 million items, so the bot was sitting there and just loading item after item after item. Everytime it loaded an item, it was performing a query to look up similar items as well, which was a rather complex query. With google and other search engines hitting the item pages non-stop, it was causing about 50,000 extra complex page loads every day. I've told all of the search engines to back off of the item pages, so the load on the server has dropped a decent amount and things seem to be speedier.

This isn't a final solution, the final solution is a better server, but for now it should help people get to their builds and use the calculator!

Survey so Far...

First off, the survey's been going great. Thanks to all of you who have participated! There have been over 1000 responses to the survey and the numbers are very interesting! Looks like I'll be doing some theorycrafting here soon to figure out a life hit/steal mechanic.

  • 30.2% - A new set of calculations that factor in EHP + Life Regen/Steal mechanics, to show how quickly I can regenerate the damage I take.
  • 27.7% - Class specific "true dps" calculations, such as WW Ticks based on Attack Speed.
  • 22.7% - The ability to compare one of my items to many different items at the same time in a table format (would be useful while using the AH and comparing 5 different items).
  • 21.7% - A more detailed view of the damage my skills do, that will also factor in "+% Damage to Fire Skills" or "+% Bash Damage", and apply those numbers to Fire Spells and Bash respectively.
  • 21.0% - A page that lists every skill that my characters can possibly use, along with damage calculations to help me figure out how to maximize my DPS.
  • 19.4% - Adding tracking for characters, like a character history, that would show how my characters change over time.
  • 18.5% - The ability to compare my character build to another character build, and see the stat differences between the two builds.
  • 13.3% - For Witch Doctors, a tool that shows how much EHP/DPS my pets have based on my gear.
  • 13.2% - The ability to save which of my skills are considered "Activated" so I don't have to activate them all of the time.
  • 12.3% - Improvements to the "Item" system, allowing you to better organize all of your items on D3Up (grouping, sorting, labeling, etc).
  • 12.1% - A calculation that will show how much "Bleed Effects" on weapons affect your DPS.
  • 10.4% - Adding "stats" information about my character, ie - # of Elites Killed, Time Played, etc
  • 7.5% - Tooltips on builds, when you hover over them, being able to see their primary stats, DPS, EHP and more.
  • 5.5% - The ability to activate my skills from inside of the D3Bit Client.
  • 2.8% - A better guide engine, including the ability to put my character build inside of a guide.

Recent Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if you activated 2 skills with dodge, your dodge was WAY higher than it should have been.
  • Fixed the "DPS Math" tab on Dual-Wielding builds so the math correctly reflects the changes in 1.0.5.
  • Added "Total Damage Reduction" to the Statistics on the sidebar.
  • Passives that granted '+% Life' should now properly give you extra life.
  • Fixed 'EHP w/ Block' so it's the correct value and added a new 'EHP w/ Block + Dodge' that includes both!
  • All builds are now flagged as either Softcore (SC) or Hardcore (HC).
  • Massive amounts of work went into making the monk skill 'Faith in the Light' accurately calculate your DPS.
  • IE8 Fixes so they can view the builds again.
  • Ice Armor can now be activated for the +% Melee Reduction.
  • Your build will no longer crash if you don't have a MH weapon equipped.
  • Changed how the DPS calculations are done for Attack Speed (Duel Wielding), the DPS should match closer to your character sheet!
  • Fixed a bug in EHP w/ Dodge causing the value to be wrong.
  • You can now simulate on item slots that don't have items in them.

I'll be doing a bunch more bug fixes this weekend, just little things here and there.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback and spreading the word about the site!

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