Oct 16 2012 2:41 PM

Update 1.0.2 - Diablo 1.0.5 Update

Happy Patch Day!

I've gone through and updated all of the skills to the newest versions that can now be found in the game. It's still a manual process, so there's bound to be bugs. It's also possible that things have changed that aren't in the patch notes! Feel free to email me or post a comment if you find a skill that hasn't been updated yet.

I've also completely revamped how the game data is stored in the D3Up calculator, which is the first step I needed to take in order to implement a better skill damage calculator. The next update is going to include the damage types and a lot of improvements in how individual skills are calculated. I've had a lot of requests to get '+% damage to Fire Skills' and '+X% Crit to SkillX' working with the calculations. The original way I had the data stored, this wasn't possible, but now I'll be able to start implementation.

The other change in this update is to how +% Elemental Damage is calculated. Pre-1.0.5, +% Ele Damage was calculated by doubling the Minimum Damage on your weapons, now it applies a percentage to your minimum and maximum weapon damage. Blizzard has changed this internally, so if you have +% [Holy/Fire/Arcane/Lightning/Poison/Cold] Damage on any of your gear, you should notice a DPS boost on your character sheet. I've changed the math in the calculator to reflect this change, so hopefully the DPS calculations are still accurate.

So what's next? To be honest, I plan on playing 1.0.5 for a couple weeks and just stick with fixing bugs as they come in. I've got about 50 open bugs that I need to fix, and I'm sure another 50 will come in with the 1.0.5 update. It's a lot of work tracking down these bugs and squishing them, I'm also still a bit burned out from the 1.0 Launch! So expect things to be a little slower for a while, so I can get my affairs in order and get ready for the next big feature launch.

In the mean time, enjoy the site, and I'll probably be doing a giveaway here in the very near future, so expect updates on that soon!

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