Sep 26 2012 3:23 PM

Update 1.0 - Reborn

It's been a long time coming, but I'm incredibly proud today to announce the release of v1.0!

It's been a long road and you've all been incredible. I've received hundreds of emails containing bugs, feedback and suggestions; all of which are either in this update or will be coming shortly. I'd also like to say that come friday, there will be yet another MAJOR update to that I think will blow your mind.

So to start everything off, I just want to say...


Thank you for being so passionate about the game, my tools on and your characters. I may be the only programmer working on this project, but I'm not the only one thinking about how should work :)

The goals of V1.0

The entire goal of this update was two-fold:

  • Make a lot easier to use and gather information from.
  • Rebuild all of the Tools so they can be used in many, many new ways.

I think I've accomplished both of these goals (hopefully), and will become even more valuable over the course of your Diablo 3 character's lifetime.

Interested in a Video showing how to do everything on the new site?

I took some time and did a video showing off the new, how to use it, creating your build and how to read all the statistics. It's 16 minutes long, but pretty much covers everything and if people find it useful, I can make more.

I figure it's also a great tool for showing people how exactly to use a build calculator to explore their character in-depth! I see a TON of "What should I upgrade next..." posts, hopefully after understanding how to use a site like, they won't have to ask, they can just figure it out themselves! - Introduction Video (16m)

So, without further ado, here's a list of all of the changes:

Version 1.0 Changes

General Updates

  • has been completely redesigned from the ground up.
  • The navigation has been updated to a new, easier to use "Mega-Menu".
  • For non-registered users, you'll see a 'Getting Started' part of the navigation with instructions on creating your build.
  • For logged-in users, you'll see a 'My' part of the navigation with quick links to all of YOUR information.
  • I've attempted to simplify the entire site and categories each section to fall under one of the links in the Mega Menu: Builds, Guides and Items.
  • The "Items DB" will be slowly phasing out, you'll learn more about this very soon.
  • A link to our Facebook page has been added to the Menu, feel free to like it and use it to chat with me.
  • The homepage has been streamlined slightly and will be a bit more flexible in the future. I realize most people use the site for their own personal builds and not as a site to browse, so I haven't focused incredibly hard on it (yet).

Build Browsing

  • An 'Advanced Search' button has been added to the builds page that lets you search for builds that use a specific combination of Skills and Passives.

Your Build/Character Updates

  • The Build Interface has been completely redesigned into a 3-column layout. They are as follows: Left - Controls, Middle - Items/Skills, Right - Statistics.
  • The Gear panel now has 3 different modes: DPS/EHP Contributions, Gear Stats/Perfection and Change/Compare/Simulate Gear.
  • DPS/EHP Contributions: Lists the contributions to DPS and EHP that each individual piece of gear provides your Build.
  • Gear Stats/Perfection: Shows every individual stat on each item, along with how 'Perfect' the stat is, and allows you to filter down to the statistics you want to review on your gear.
  • Change/Compare/Simulate Gear: Lets you compare/simulate changes on multiple items at the same time, creating a "Comparision Diff" showing exactly what will happen to your character if you were to change gear.
  • You can now Simulate an item change AND do item comparisons at the same time, mixing and matching how you see fit.
  • You can now activate/deactivate skills, passives and misc buffs DURING item simulation and comparisons.
  • You can click on the icons in your build header to activate/deactivate skills.
  • The Skills panel now also shows 'meta' information, such as cooldown, cost as well as it's individual skill-based DPS calculations.
  • Companion Abilities and Shrines have been added as buffs you can now 'Activate'.
  • A new panel called ' Sync' has been added to all builds allowing for quick and painless updates to your character.
  • The edit page has been moved and is now part of the Build itself.
  • A link to "My Items" has been added onto your build, for quick access.

My Items

  • The interface has been redesigned to make it a bit easier to look around. You can filter by stats and they will appear on the page as you specify them.
  • You can now delete ALL items with the 'Delete All Items' button at the top. There's a confirmation page that makes you confirm this decision.
  • You can now select multiple items with the checkbox next to their name to delete multiple items at once.
  • Deleting items will NOT remove them from your builds, just your 'My Items' page. You also will NOT be able to re-equip these items if you delete them. Deleting removes you as the owner of the item and prevents it from showing up in any section that shows your items.
  • When you hover over an item row, the 'Delete', 'Edit' and 'Sell' buttons will appear in that row. Makes it a bit easier on the eyes.
  • Clicking the 'Sell' button on an item will currently load it up into the 'My Shop' feature for price tracking.
  • Items are sorted by newest first, there's currently no way to change the sorting.

My Shop

  • Major changes are coming to this section at some point after 1.0.5, more details in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

I'm devoted to making the ultimate tool for your Diablo 3 Characters, and your feedback has helped mold the site into something really great. So, with that being said, there probably are going to be a few new bugs that pop-up over the next couple days that I just didn't catch, PLEASE report them to me, I'll fix them ASAP. Respond here, email me or reach out to me somehow.

I've got a few changes that didn't make this version that I'll be working on soon. I plan on taking a break from the site and doing feature development only for a couple weeks after 1.0.5 is released, and I'm working on a still un-announced new website in conjunction with another developer in the D3 Community. More details of all of this will surface in the near future as we move forward!

Thanks again!

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