Aug 6 2012 9:37 PM

Update 0.22 - Profile Imports

I'm not announcing this one anywhere but here until probably tomorrow, but I have a somewhat functional import process from the Diablo 3 Profiles into

NOTE - The character parser uses the new data format that I haven't fully implemented yet, so your DPS may be incorrect AFTER you use the import. So if your DPS on your build NEEDS to be right, don't use it yet! More at the bottom of the post!

It's pretty simple, but I've only tested it on a few characters so far. All you have to do is hit EDIT on your build and put in the full URL for your profile on the Diablo 3 website.

For example,

My Profile is here:

Notice it's the FULL path that shows in your browser, including your profile name and your hero # on the end. If you're looking at one of your specific characters, it should be the URL you're viewing.

Now return to your build, and up near the "Edit" button, there's a new button that says "Copy from".

Hitting this button will prompt you to confirm your decision, as it's going to replace all the equipped gear you are currently wearing with whatever is showing on the profile on

It will automatically create items and equip them, or simply equip them if you've already created them.

Tomorrow I'm planning on making the system also change your skills and passives to match the profile as well. After I do some testing I'll do a more formal announcement, probably on /r/diablo.

If you find any bugs or anything crashes, please either comment here or use the feedback tab to let me know. There will be bugs, as with any major update.

Note on incorrect DPS after Parsing

It also may parse some items differently and make them show up funny and make your DPS incorrect for the next day or two, as I'm currently in the process of revamping the "Damage" parts of items. I've got a new build of the "Item Creator" that will change how +Min/Max damage on Rings/Amulets/Offhands are parsed and calculated into the builds. So if your DPS is off, that's probably why :)

Don't freak out! I'll get it fixed here in soon, but for now, I need some sleep, gotta work tomorrow!

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