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HotA Primary Attack Inferno MP 10 "Brawler" Build

A guide without fury generating primary attack skill

Barbarian Class Guide 6909

The Real Hammer and Rend Combo

You're going to use 3 attack modifying passives? Come on, man...

Barbarian Class Guide 12698

Cowboy Barb (Round-Up Barb)

Tired of Dual Wield WW/Sprint Barb? Try this 2Hand Barb capable of efficient MP10 Farming.

Barbarian Farming Guide 10452

HOTA with AttackSpeed and Frenzy. The real "RAGE OF BERSERKER"

higest dmg for a shortest time

Barbarian Class Guide 12370

Knock Knock Hammer Down (KKHD)

This guide will do high dmg, funny gameplay. The monsters will be peace of cake

Barbarian General Guide 6642

inferno frenzy/rend barb

how i play diablo

Barbarian Class Guide 13612

Bulldozer Barb

Because twirling around is for pretty pretty flowers

Barbarian Farming Guide 21279

HC Barbs

How to not die.

Barbarian Class Guide 8124

Endgame No-Fury Cooldown Chaos

Manage Cooldowns and Double your DPS

Barbarian Class Guide 18154

Fire Barbarian

Playing with Fire for Fun and Profit

Barbarian Class Guide 11805

The Wall (Crowd Control Build)

A Crowd-Control Focused Barbarian Build

Barbarian Class Guide 9498

Double Tornado Barbarian

Spin to win in Inferno!

Barbarian Class Guide 24126

Endgame Throw Barb

Goals for high end equipment and skills

Barbarian Class Guide 26264

WW Throw Barb

Gear and Build for WW Throw barb

Barbarian Class Guide 8956

Hardcore Ranged Barb

Maximizing your hardcore awesomeness

Barbarian General Guide 5555