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Ubers, Infernal Machines, and You

General Guide

By ecraseur on September 25, 2012


An Infernal Machine is a machine that houses Ubers. These Ubers can be killed, and their stuff can be taken. They drop mats for rings, and the rings can also be used to kill things. 

The Machine is constructed from the level 10 blacksmith with 3 keys and 12,000 gold. 

Getting the Keys and Plan

The Keys
There are 4 keywardens you need to defeat in order to be able to assemble Infernal Machines. The keywarden in Act 4 drops the plans, and does not need to be revisited after the plan has been acquired. Additionally, in order to be able to combine the machines, you will need a level 10 Artisan (Blacksmith). The combining costs 12,000 gold.

Act 1
Odeg the Keywarden can be found in the Fields of Misery. The spawn point is entirely random. He drops the Key of Destruction.


  • Spear Throw
  • Triple-fireball attack
  • Jailer

Act 2
Sokahr the Keywarden can be found i the Dahlgur Oasis. The position of his spawn is random. He drops the Key of Hate.


  • Spinning / Whirlwind
  • Missile Dampening
  • Mortar  
  • Electrified

Act 3
Xah'Rith the Keywarden can be found on the Stonefort in Act 3. He drops the Key of Terror.


  • Corpse Rain
  • Freezing Field 
  • Illusionist
  • Teleport

Act 4
Nekarat the Keywarden can be found in Silver Spire level 1. He drops the Plan: Infernal Machine


  • Terror Demon / Lightning
  • Curse: -75% to healing effects
  • AOE Fire
  • Jailer
  • Knockback

Assembling the Machine

You need a level 10 Artisan Blacksmith to be able to use the plan retrieved from Nekrat the Keywarden. When you do, you'll be able to craft the Infernal Machine.

Realm of Chaos
The Realm of Chaos is found in the house behind the healer of Act 1. In order to be able to break down the door, you will need to be on the 10th quest of the Act, specifically "Return to New Tristram". Shift-attack will break down the door. Inside, you'll find an empty room in which you can activate your Infernal Machine to create a portal to the Realm of Chaos/Discord/Turmoil, each of which will feature 2 bosses simultaneously.

NV Stacks, Monster Power, and Key Drop Rates

Keywardens at 10 Monster Power and 5 Nephalem Valor stacks have a 100% chance to drop keys. 

Speculation exists that each MP level will grant the adventurer a 10% chance of a key's drop, and that 5NV stacks is a necessary (but not sufficient) prerequisite. 

This information compiled by redditor Fleme.

All props are due to him for his hard work and mad skills. 
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