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Fastest Paragon 100

Barbarian Leveling Guide

By liwanagster on April 11, 2013


I am not the one who found out this method. I actually dont know who but the guy I found it from is called " LastHopeForRaoha." This run nets you anywhere from 80m xp per hour to 150m xp per hour depending on your gear.

Link to vid.

This video explains everything you need. Optimized for barbarians but can probably be achievable by high end gear.


In the video, he uses Bash with instigation for fury but I exchange it for War Cry with impunity.
I exchange War Cry with Bash because I dont really use bash after I get my fury going and because I dont really need it to gain some fury. I run 5 piece Immortal Kings set so I get the fury passive. It helps generate some fury for you right off the bat and it becomes really easy to start of your run. 
If you dont have 5 set IK's or you dont want to use it you can always put on unforgiving until you get max fury. Then you can easily pop War Cry and Battle Rage. I highly recommend not using bash because you dont use it after you start the run. You're gear should hopefully have high enough crit chance to easily maintain your fury. On top of that the life pools of the mobs are so high that fury is no problem at all. 
My build can be seen here. http://d3up.com/b/434192/beast

The run.

The run consists of Arreat Crater 2 and all you do is kill the white scorpions on MP10. With Rend and Whirlwhind, the scorpions die relatively fast and give a lot of experience due to the increased monster power. You generally look for large packs as killing singular scorpions will lower your efficiency. Large packs of scorpions will literally get you millions of experience within seconds. I suggest you watch the video for this part because he explains it very well.


This run is not very gear intensive. Generally you're trying to get at least 550 all resists with your War Cry. If you already meet the minimum resistances you can exchange it with Overpower with killing spree for the large DPS boost. You will also have Wrath of the Berserker up almost constantly so you gain a lot of survivability from that.
I highly recommend high levels of life steal. It is one of the most important stats for this run because the mobs do a LOT of damage and life steal will heal you constantly.
Stats youre going for
Strength: 2300+
Vitality 1000+ (You can get less vitality if you have life %)
All Resists 550+
Life Steal 6%+
Crit Chance 50+ (Buffed)
Crit Damage 400+
DPS 120k+ (unbuffed)
Health 35k+

Keep in mind that higher life is desirable because of your life steal. You are able to take more hits and heal it all back almost instantly. 
Link to my barb that runs this http://d3up.com/b/434192/beast#skills

Lastly, you need a lot of exp boosts. Hellfire rings are very desirable because they increase your bonus xp gain by 35%. I average more or less 2m experience per minute which is 120m xp per hour. If I had a hellfire ring, my experience gain would be increased by 42m per hour which is quite considerable. 


Lots of health DPS Life steal experience bonus.
Hope you found this helpful. Drop a like on the video if it helped you. And if you were wondering it isnt my youtube acc. I just found it really helpful
Hope you liked it and comment anything I can change to make this better.
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