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WD Paragon Leveling

Witch Doctor Leveling Guide

By jsbake2 on December 19, 2012

Contents of this Guide

The strategy

It's really a simple build to manage, run into the middle of packs, hit "Soul Harvest" for the DPS boost, right click everything else, hit "Spirit Walk" and run to the next pack. You should be able to chain together huge kill streaks, I hit the 200 mark quite a bit running this build.

When doing this run I only pick up the following item types and only when I can recognize them fast enough and when doing so will not hinder the run too much.

  • 1H Weapons
  • Gloves
  • Shoulders
  • Belts
  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Pants
  • Legendary Items 

The only item I feel is required to make this build work is Thing of the Deep. This off-hand item makes "Gruesome Feast" work much more efficiently as well as "Grave Injustice". (It also helps you get all of the gold without wasting any time.)

The route

Start a game on MP0, Act 3 with the quest to kill Azmodeon

Take port to "Tower of the Cursed" and take door to "Arreat Crater 2"
Run through whole zone and take port to "Tower of the Damned"
Go through door to "Arreat Crater 1"
Run through whole zone and take port to "Keep Depths 3"
Run through whole zone until you reach "The Breach/Keep Depths 2"
Use town portal and port to "Rakkris Crossing"
Run backwards accross bridge and clear "Fields of Slaughter"

Log out - Repeat!

This run yields around 9 Mil XP for me and takes around 10 minutes.


  • This can be replaced with anything, I never use it. If you are having any mana issues then it wouldnt hurt to put "Corpse Spiders - Widowmakers" in its place.
  • This is your primary damage dealer, with the right DPS you can take out entire packs in one click.
  • Use this as much as possible, with the passive "Grave Injustice" this should be up between all packs.
  • This skill drops a ton of damage and gives you a nice DPS boost with the INT increase.
  • You can replace this with "Zombie Dogs" if you want, I use it for the occasions when I run into 2 or 3 elite packs at one time and find myself standing still.....
  • When using the "Restless Giant" rune, you want to make sure and recast him often. There is a 120 second timer on his ability to enter its "enrage" mode and this timer resets every time you re-summon. 


  • Combined with the offhand item "Thing of the Deep" (mentioned below under strategy), this skill will help keep your mana full and provide a huge DPS boost with the INT increase.
  • This passive helps in two ways, first off it keeps you from killing yourself on a reflect/molten/arcane/extra health mob.... Which I seem to run into more than my fair share. Second, the 2 second decrease on "Spirit Walk" is huge, as well as the one for "Soul Harvest".

    If you are having major mana issues because of "Acid Cloud" you can replace this passive with "Vision Quest", but this will slow your run down a bit.
  • This is the most important skill in the entire build, it will help you keep "Spirit Walk" active between fights, and it will keep your mana/health pools full.
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