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Unli Demon Hunter resource build

Demon Hunter Class Guide

By oliverb on December 17, 2012
Last Updated: December 17, 2012

Contents of this Guide

Build description

Build depends on high crit chance and high attack speed

  • Boar companion gives +15% to resistances for survivability. Also can tank for you along with the templar for solo play
  • Preparation (Punishment rune) instantly fills up hatred and makes up for the usual bat companion rune
  • Shadow power (Gloom rune) for life steal and reduced damage. Most helpful for reflect damage affix
  • Sentry (Guardian turret rune) for additional damage mitigation and additional damage. up to 2 turrets can be deployed
  • Bola Shot (thuderball rune) as main hatred generator. Can't say enough for the 35% stun. Great for bosses!
  • Ball Lightning for massive AoE. Watch your life refill instantly (with SP) as these go through mobs!
  • Archery for increased DPS
  • Night Stalker replenishes your discipline while you attack and crit. The faster you attack and the more you crit the faster discipline is replenished. That's why I indicated this build requires high crit chance
  • Perfectionist for additional damage mitigation (10% to HP, armor, resistances)

Build ensures almost unlimited hatred and discipline for those who do not want to use the bat rune and don't have Nat's legacy 

When hatred is running low activate Preparation to refill. Attacks and critical hits replenish discipline. Activate Shadow power as necessary for life steal. Repeat until mobs are cleared. You can even stand in the middle of mob packs and hordes while inside turret shield and SP activated!
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