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The Whirlwind Monk: How to farm efficiently on low Monster Power

Monk Class Guide

By rice on November 25, 2012
Last Updated: November 28, 2012


Want to feel like a whirlwind barbarian?  Want to effortlessly play Diablo 3 while watching your favorite TV show?  This is the spec for you.

This spec allows you to infinitely channel tempest rush and sweeping wind to obliterate monsters on low monster power for maximum experience and loot farming.  However, you will need some specific gear to make it happen, detailed later on in the "gearing up" section.


  • This is basically only useful for the damage buff.  If you feel like your damage is adequate, then you can use thunderclap for a little extra mobility.
  • This is the best rune for this skill because of the massive movement speed.  If you are having trouble sustaining your spirit, consider the cost reduction rune.
  • This is what you use for elites to instantly melt them.
  • If you are comfortable with your survivability on low MPs, then you can replace this with something like blazing wrath for extra damage.
  • Master of wind is great for long distances without monsters to hit. 

    If you have 4 piece Inna's, then opt for inner storm as you can keep it up indefinitely even without hitting monsters.
  • The spirit you gain from this skill outweighs the potential extra damage you would get from mantra of conviction. 

    If you have 4 piece Inna's, then mantra of conviction is better in conjunction with infinite sweeping wind from inner storm.  Consider submission for extra damage in a larger radius than what sweeping winds and tempest rush can reach.


  • The extra spirit regeneration plus not having to refresh your mantra for a long time is very valuable.  Exalted Soul is an inferior choice by almost all accounts.
  • This is the core reason why this build works.  The 35% spirit generation works with all sources (gear, skills, passives).
  • If you are the minority that do not use OWE, then you can use fleet footed here for extra speed or seize the initiative for armor.

Gearing up

In order for this spec to function properly, you will first need 2 items: Inna's Radiance with spirit regeneration and Stone of Jordan with spirit regeneration.  Look for at least 1.7+ spirit regeneration on both items.

Then, you will need as little attack speed as possible on your gear in order to reduce tempest rush's channeling cost.  Try to avoid going over 15-20% or so.  If you have a lot of attack speed, you will need much higher spirit regeneration on your Inna's Radiance and SoJ.

Then, you will need any two-handed weapon with a low attack speed.  Skorn is the obvious first choice for almost any 2-hander spec.  Because this is a low MP spec, the random mod doesn't matter too much.  Life after kill is actually a fantastic mod for low MP speed farming.

For your follower, we are going to use the templar for his 12% spirit generation buff (called inspire) and his high MF/GF potential.  Invest in a Sun Keeper as well as other MF/GF jewelry.

How the build works

Ideally, you'll want your total spirit regeneration to be more than what it costs for you to channel tempest rush.  Tempest rush's channeling cost is [10 * (character sheet attack speed)] per second.  That means using a Skorn with no attack speed anywhere on your gear will cost 10 spirit per second.  A dual-wielding monk that attacks at 2.0 attacks per second will consume 20 spirit per second from tempest rush, which is simply unsustainable in a reasonable manner.

Our spirit regeneration is calculated as follows:

(Circular Breathing + Chant of Resonance + Gear) * (Guardian's Path + Inspire) = Total spirit regeneration

Using my suggested values of 1.7 for Inna's Radiance and SoJ, we would have:

(3 + 2 + 1.7 + 1.7) * (1 + .35 + .12) = 12.35 Total spirit regeneration

That means as long as our attack speed is 1.23 or lower, we can infinitely channel tempest rush.  Of course, you'll want to have as much regeneration as possible and as little attack speed as possible overall to keep a healthy spirit pool.

Avoid clicking on frenzy shrines, as this will increase the cost of maintaining tempest rush significantly!

How to play the build

Ideally you'll want to play on MP 0 for the least amount of hp on monsters because tempest rush and sweeping wind deal very modest damage overall.

Then, you'll want to recruit your templar for your journeys and make sure to spec into inspire.

Playing the build is very easy.  Simply pop sweeping wind, acquire foresight's damage buff, and tempest rush all the monsters to death while zooming across the map.  For elites, group them together and use seven-sided strike to quickly take them out and move on.  Remember to keep up foresight when you can.

You can watch a movie while playing this spec.

Again, you'll want to avoid frenzy shrines.
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