WW CM Wizard

Level 60, Paragon Level 0

Softcore Wizard Build
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Build Information
Stat Priority 1. Crit Chance 2. Attack Speed 3. Intelligence 4. Vitality
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Gear / Items

Note: This is an experimental tab! Still working out the bugs.

In an effort to improve the calculator, this page outlines all of the steps to calculate this builds DPS. Please feel free to check it over and submit any corrections!

SCRAM Basics

The basis of the calculations uses the SCRAM method, as follows:

  • S = Primary Attribute Bonus
  • C = Critical Hit and Critical Hit Damage
  • R = Attacks per Second
  • A = Average Hit
  • M = Damage Modifiers

Once you have all of these numbers defined, your DPS is equal to:

DPS = S * C * R * A * M

Over the course of the rest of this panel, we will be using the stats from this build in our calculations.

Calculating "S"

The C uses X as it's primary stat and this build has a total of Y X including all gear and levels.

S = 1 + ( * 0.01)
S = 1 + ( * 0.01)
S = 

Calculating "C"

"C" is a combination of your Critical Hit Chance as well as your Critical Hit Damage. By multiplying the increase in damage by the chance to critically hit, we come up with C.

  • Critical Hit Chance: %
  • Critical Hit Damage: %
C = 1 + (crit chance * 0.01) * (crit damage * 0.01)
C = 1 + (% * 0.01) * (% * 0.01)
C = 

Calculating "R"

"R" is the rate at which you attack, including all attack speed bonuses.

  • Mainhand Speed: attacks per second
  • +% Attack Speed: %
R = Weapon Speed * (1 + % Increases);
R =  * (1 + ( * 0.01))
R = 

Calculating "A"

"A" is your average hit, this is where most of the DPS issues come into play involving +% Elemental Damage or +% Damage.

We will be using the following weapons and attributes in this step:

    • Total Damage: -
    • Real Weapon Damage: -
  • Minimum Damage: +
  • Maximum Damage: +
  • +% Elemental Damage: %

+% Elemental Damage appears to use the Minimum Damage values from your weapons, WITHOUT the +Elemental Damage affixes (+X-Y Fire/Lightning/Etc Damage). This is the value we are using called 'Real Weapon Damage'.

To calculate +% Elemental Damage, we need to do the following...

Bonus Damage = (MH Real Min Damage + MH Real Max Damage + Bonus Min Damage + Bonus Max Damage) / 2 * Bonus Ele %

Plugging in the numbers, we get:

( +  +  + ) / 2 * ( * 0.01)
Bonus Damage = 

Now, for the math to determine actual average damage, which is as follows.

MH Min = (MH Weapon Min + Bonus Min)
MH Max = (MH Weapon Max + Bonus Max)
MH Avg = ((MH Min + MH Max) / 2 
A = MH Avg + Elemental Damage

Plug in this build's numbers...

MH Min = ( + ) = 
MH Max = ( + ) = 

MH Avg = ( + ) / 2 = 

A =  + 
A = 

Calculating "M"

"M" is the total bonus damage from all of your passives and abilities.

M = 1 + 

Totaling it all up...

Now we just take the last number from each of the above sections and multiply them together!

DPS = S * C * R * A * M
DPS =  *  *  *  * 
DPS = 

Help improve this!

This isn't a perfect system, I've build it based on a number of different forum posts and blogs written about how the DPS is calculated on the Character Sheet. If you see something incorrect, please correct me (aaron.cox@greymass.com)! I want this calculator to be as precise as possible, which is the main reason I'm exposing how the math is done.

Feel free to use these calculations in your applications, spreadsheets or websites!

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